Streamlining Property Operations with a Connected Thermostat

Quext is a cloud based property management platform with a customer promise to create smarter apartment communities in a simple and user-friendly way.

A group of industry experts saw that a different approach was needed, one where technology was tailored to the specific needs of apartment communities. Quext as experts in property management, real estate investment and operations saw the need for a simple, cost-effective, and streamlined smart device management platform. F3 transformed Quext’s IoT product concept into a custom smart thermostat with extensive wireless connectivity which is deployed in each apartment. This connected thermostat is a key element that enables Quext’s multi-family property management platform.

Leveraging F3’s experience in product development and deep knowledge of wireless communication technologies, Quext created an IoT platform that is truly one of a kind. The Quext IoT thermostat hub simplifies the complexity of installation by reducing the number of devices required for each unit, lowering costs, and working on its own LoRaWAN network instead of WiFi. Quext’s thermostat hub rides on a single long-range LoRaWAN network, providing device connectivity for an entire apartment community independent of the many provisioning, congestion and logistical issues involved with WiFi. This network and platform allowed Quext to deliver on its customer promise in a cost effective and simplified way.


“F3 Wireless has assembled an elite team of engineering professionals dedicated to design, quality, and performance. We highly recommend the F3 Wireless team for the development of any wireless product; their knowledge of product design is unsurpassed. F3’s decades of experience was the difference between creating a wireless product that works and one that excels.”

– Tray Johnson, Director of Engineering at Quext

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