Achieving Certification through Power Source Optimization & Antenna Placement

Waste Harmonics is a technology-enabled facility services company that delivers a comprehensive suite of waste and recycling management services to companies throughout North America. They are a leader among all waste management service providers in supplying and maintaining compaction and baling equipment, including fullness monitoring, which is dependent on wireless technology. 

One of the challenges Waste Harmonics had was hardware design verification and PTCRB certification for two of their devices; iWaste Model SC (Stationary Compactor) and iWaste Model SD (Small Dumpster). F3 Wireless completed PTCRB certification of iWaste Model SD, which allowed them to move into the initial manufacturing stage for that device. This enabled Waste Harmonics to deliver on contractual obligations and ramp up volume production. 

F3 also worked on a redesign of iWaste Model SD to optimize the power source and antenna functionality. By validating and verifying the hardware design, and optimizing the placement of the antenna, the device was able to pass the required PTCRB certification. 

waste harmonics

“F3 Wireless provided clearly defined plans, detailed documentation, and executed in a timely manner, which allowed us to move our projects forward. They have become a partner in the development of our current and future Mobile/IoT devices.”

– Adam Darder, Director Of Software Development at Waste Harmonics

F3 has experts on staff who understand not just wireless product development but also medical product development. We understand the needs of medical equipment makers and how to meet them. For your next product development that includes wireless of any kind, you can rely on F3 to be your wireless experts so you can focus on the core technology of your product.

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