Cellular ODM Product Development


Our deep background in cellular and other radio product design and manufacturing makes us uniquely qualified to provide customized IoT and M2M solutions for companies who’s core competency is not radio technology. Customized tracking devices for containers & vehicles, remote sensing, monitoring and control devices for heavy equipment, energy & transportation are examples of products we’ve worked on.

The sooner we engage with a customer the more value we can bring. Where we typically engage:

  • Idea stage
  • Post preliminary design
  • Post development certification or performance issues
  • Post release changes to an existing product

You may already have a radio based product and you need a cellular version. You might be adding radio to a product for the first time, be it cellular, WiFi, BT or LPWAN.

You could have a cellular product already, and need to modernize it to the latest cellular standards. You might have a product need and a napkin sketch.

F3 Wireless staff have dealt with all these situations and more. Our senior engineers have decades of experience in radio product development. Before it was called IoT it was called Machine to Machine and before that simply data telemetry. Our experience with hundreds of different radio products makes us uniquely qualified to help you define your product to do just what it needs for your business case, implement that product design and then bring that product to market with our test and manufacturing capabilities.

RF engineering can be arcane and painful but like anything done often, we’ve learned to do it very well. As an Original Device Manufacturer F3 Wireless can supply your IoT device, completely tested and ready to deploy. We’ll manage all aspects of the supply chain. You tell us how many you want, when and where, and we’ll get them there. This way you and your team can focus on your core business value.

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