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Adding Cellular to Migraine Device Improves Patient Wellness and Satisfaction

The SAVI™ by eNeura provides clinically proven migraine treatment using non-invasive single-pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (sTMS). This device is portable, convenient and easy-to-use. As any migraine patient knows, once headache pain strikes, making a specialist appointment and getting to the doctor’s office can be impossible. The portability of the SAVI is a major advance in migraine treatment.

F3 Wireless worked with eNeura to integrate a wireless Digital Therapeutic platform into the SAVI product. This allows the patient, doctor and the insurance company to receive accurate, real world data on both therapeutic benefit and treatment compliance. In today’s healthcare environment these are important tools for cost effective improvement in both patient wellness and satisfaction.

F3 has experts on staff who understand not just wireless product development but also medical product development. We understand the needs of medical equipment makers and how to meet them. For your next product development that includes wireless of any kind, you can rely on F3 to be your wireless expert so you can focus on the core technology of your product.

“F3 Wireless incorporated a cellular radio and antenna into our electronics using a novel, elegant, and robust design. This was done in the face of technical constraints, a device with extremely limited space for new components that operates in a challenging RF environment. From concept, to design, to testing, to commercialization, F3 greatly exceeded expectations!”

-Director of Software Engineering

“F3 has brought tremendous value to MSA in guiding us through industrializing our first LTE enabled device. The direction and explanation around certification approval has been instrumental.”

– Matt Zirnsak, MSA Safety

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