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Verification vs Validation in IoT Product Development

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The terms verification and validation are often used when developing IoT devices. They are both important to a successful product launch, but often people are confused about the differences between these terms.

A good way to think about how they vary is to imagine you are designing a pickup truck. You can list in the requirements that it should have an engine, four wheels, a steering wheel, brakes, tires, etc. You can test and pass all the requirements during design verification testing (DVT), but that doesn’t mean the product is perfect – or even useful. In this example, if you forgot to include doors, it would pass verification, but not validation. After all, a doorless car isn’t very useful to your intended customers.

Let’s break down the differences a bit further.


Verification asks, “Did you design the product right?” During DVT, you ensure that your device has met all the requirements. But that doesn’t mean the requirements are correct or that you have a product that does what you intended for it to do. This is why due diligence is so important during the initial requirements gathering process to make sure you include all essential features early on. And, unlike the truck example above, missing features may not be as obvious.


With validation, you ask, “Did you design the right product?” This involves system-wide field testing to determine if your device works the way you intended and serves its purpose. Certification is also another type of validation testing, as it ensures your product meets the industry standards. Determining use cases can help establish the usefulness of your product, as you can detail every way a product will be used, installed, connected, etc.

In summary, verification confirms the design output meets the requirements, while validation ensures that the device meets user needs. At F3, we will work with you to make sure your device meets verification and validation requirements. Using your industry knowledge, our well-informed team will gather all information regarding what your product needs and how it will be used. We ask the questions you may not know to ask.

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